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Zuccato Energia

Transforming energy since 2006

Zuccato Energia is an italian firm, based in Verona with distributors all over the world, which has several years'experience in design, manufacture and installation of heat-to-electricity system based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

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Manufacturers, not just integrators

Zuccato Energia is not just a symple system integrator but a manufacturer with several years of experience that designs and builds its own power generation modules using the most advanced simulation software and CAD / CAM systems

Our History

  • 2006 - Founding: The future Zuccato Energia is founded as "Enernova" by Italian entrepreneur A.Zuccato and physicist B.Benato
  • 2008 - First Experiments: First years are spent in intense R&D activity in several alternative power generation technologies
  • 2009 - ORC R&D Intensifies: Zuccato Energia abandons other technologies to concentrate its R&D efforts on ORC technology.
  • 2011 - First Commercial Plant: Zuccato energia receives its first order, for an ULH-Series 100-kW heat recovery plant in South Tyrol.
  • 2012 - First 5 plants installed: In less than one year from the first, four more Zuccato Energia plants are installed in Northern Italy.
  • 2013 - 10th plant installed: By years'end, ten Zuccato Energia plants are up and running, including the first LT-series plant.
  • 2014 - First installation abroad: The first Zuccato Energia ORC module outside the Italian borders is installed in Benneckestein, Germany
  • 2015 - ULH+-series designed: While ULH and LT modules keep getting installed, Zuccato Energia's offer grows with the new high-power ULH+ product line
  • 2016 - ULN-Series launched: Following a request from a large customer, Zuccato Energia designs the ULN-Series product line, for naval use.
  • 2017 - First plant in the USA: Zuccato Energia crosses the Atlantic with two plants commissioned for farms in Indiana.
  • 2018 - First plant in the Far East: As the year begins Zuccato Energia installs the first heat-recovery module for the Heuksando power plant in South Korea

Our Know-How

  • Design

    As we are manufacturers, we can supply both standard modules and modules with different degrees of customization, from simple tweaks to the operational parameters to full-custom systems completely tailored on the client's needs.

  • Maintenance

    Zuccato Energia's customer care extends far beyond supply and commissioning, with maintenance services ranging from contract maintenance to 24/7 on-call service to ensure your plant always operates constantly and reliably.

  • Integration

    We can offer solutions ranging from supplying simple flange-to-flange modules to delivering complete turn-key installations complete with thermal source, fully integrated by us or in cooperation with customer-chosen integrators.

  • Financing

    Our experience allows us to supply reliable financial simulations and business plans to cover any scenario. Thanks to our highly-qualified partnerships, we can also help you find an Es.Co. or financial support for your project.

Our Technologies

  • ORC

    (Organic Rankine Cycle)

    A range of organic Rankine cycle power generation modules designed to convert low-temperature heat (86°C and up) from waste heat recovery systems or biomass boilers into electricity

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Our Vision

We believe efficiency is the core of a sustainable and profitable economy for companies worldwide.
Waste heat rejected from industries, biomass, engines or transport sector can - and must - be valorized to produce environmental and economic benefits. Zuccato Energia produces Organic Rankine Cycle systems designed to achieve this goal in a safe, reliable and convenient way.

Our Partnerships

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