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Our Firm Partnerships


Along the years, zuccato Energia has created fruitful partnerships with several other firms in the world of renewable energy. Below you will find a partial listing of some of the firms which have signed strategical partnership agreements with us.

Alens Srl

ALENS Srl, operating in the sector of energy consultancy, was created by independent professionals with several years'experience in that field. Alens' staff is made of experts in energy saving as well as in the EU and Italian commodity market, with particular focus on the mediterranean countries. All of them are qualified personnel with experience in the energy, quality and safety sectors, and several of them are UNI CEI 11339 - certified energy management experts(EMEs). ALENS is also able to operate as E.S.Co., allowing their clients increase their energy efficiency without any financial investment.

Group ATP

ATP is a leading group of Italian enterprises specialized in designing, building and commissioning HVAC, heat exchange, and refrigeration systems with clients from all over the world. After several years of experience in the engineering field, the firm has expanded in the industrial sector, where special requirements and difficult climates remire maximum competency in every step of the actuvity , from engineering to procurement and building. Now the ATP group is present in Europa and North America, with more than 350 projects under their belt, all of them meeting 100% customer satisfaction.

CEFLA Impianti

CEFLA Impianti is the business unit of the Cefla cooperative society involved in civil, industrial and energy plant engineering. They realize large-scale, efficient cogeneration, trigeneration, heat recovery and depuration plants, designed to enhance quality of life while safeguarding the environment. For more than 30 years, Cefla Impianti has given its clients a full service that goes from feasibility study to basic design, and from technical design to construction up to and including plant management and maintenance. Already sector leader in the Italian market, it now offers itself as a 360° global supplier of plant services, by adding IT and building automation competencies to its well-estabilished know-how.

Seaside Srl

SEASIDE Srl is an italian firm operating in the energy efficiency field with a business model based on an integrated offer of consultancy and both financial and technological solutions. It was estabilished in Bologna in 2010 as an ESCo. by a group of entrepreneurs with more than a decade of experience in of renewable energies and energy saving, all of them professional, EGE-certified Energy Managers as their collaborators. Seaside cooperates with Universities and specialists through the WEEN (White Economy Efficiency Network) giving flexible answers to their customers'needs, including the training of in-house Energy Managers, for an aoutonomous expression of corporate climate responsibility.

Enerqos Srl

ENERQOS SpA is an Energy Service Company (ESCo) that offers its client innovative energy saving solutions. The capital required for construction as well as the operational costs of the proposed solutions can be financed directly by ENERQOS by sharing obtained savings with the customer, thus giving their clients the possibility to start their energy-saving project without any initial investment. The firm boasts a vast experience in planning, managing financing and monitoring large renewable-energy projects, and offers an exclusive mix of technical expertise, specialistic partner management, financial structuring competencies and law knowledge..

TEA Servizi Srl

TEA Servizi - inscribed in the Italian ESCo registry and accreditated by AEEG - was born as a thermotechnical and electrical engineering firm, and operates by intervening on its clients' energy saving and optimization issues proposing energy saving interventions which can repay themselves through the obtained savings. Strong in its more than ten years'experience in design energy analysis, TEA Servizi can offer to its clients technological renovation as well as a significant energy savings, paying itself back through the obtained savings and taking on all building and design costs.


EIS is an ESCo that groups together the competencies of Alpiq InTec Italia (Italian branch of the Swiss group specialized in installation, management, and maintenance of electrical and mechanical plants for large buildings), Tea Servizi (specialized in energy saving and requalification) and the JKWH Energy Service plant engineering studio. EIS performs energy efficiency interventions, taking on both the technological and financial risk of the operation, thus freeing the end user from any organizational and financial burden. It designs, finances, builds, manafges and optimizes power generation and distribution plants to allow its client ro reduce their supply costs. EIS is precision energy efficiency.

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