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Downloadable flyers, brochures and datasheets

Browsing the page below you will find a selection of our commercial documentation, in various languages, which can be freely downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the flag of the desired language.

NOTE: We do our best to ensure that the documents published here are up to date: it is however possible that more recent versions are available. So, we advise you to contact our commercial offices to make sure you get the most recent version.

Company Presentation Brochure

A 20-page general presentation of Zuccato Energia's activities, including concise technical specs for LT-, ULH, ULH-Plus and CHP-Series ORC modules.

Document Language Size
Thumbnail  Company Presentation Brochure ≈ 2 Mb

Range Overview Datasheet

A 2-page flyer with concise technical data for the whole range of Zuccato Energia ORC modules.

Document Language Size
Tabella dati tecnici Range Overview Datasheet Flyer ≈ 110 Kb

Range Flyers

4-pages introductory flyers detailing the best-selling Zuccato Energia ORC product ranges, with concise tech specs for each product in the range

Documento Lingua Dim.
Depliant di Gamma - Serie ULH ULH Range flyer ≈ 3.5Mb
 LT Range Flyer ≈ 3.5Mb

Product Monographs

8-page technical brochures with in-depth technical informations and dimensional schematics of each specific ORC module

Documento Lingua Dim.
Depliant di Gamma - Serie ULH ZE-30-ULH Product Monograph ≈750Kb
 ZE-40-ULH Product Monograph ≈750Kb
 ZE-50-ULH Product Monograph ≈800Kb
 ZE-100-ULH Product Monograph ≈350Kb

 icon pdf 25x25ZE-200-ULH Plus Product Monograph ≈300 Kb
 ZE-250-ULH Plus Product Monograph ≈300 Kb
 ZE-300-ULH Plus Product Monograph ≈300 Kb

 icon pdf 25x25ZE-75-LT Product Monograph ≈1.4 Mb
icon pdf 25x25ZE-100-LT Product Monograph ≈ 800Kb
icon pdf 25x25ZE-150-LT Product Monograph ≈900Kb
icon pdf 25x25ZE-175-LT Product Monograph ≈1.0-1.5Mb
icon pdf 25x25ZE-200-LT Product Monograph ≈ 500Kb
Scheda Tecnica ZE-500-LT icon pdf 25x25ZE-400-LT Product Monograph ≈500Kb
icon pdf 25x25ZE-500-LT Product Monograph ≈500Kb

Scheda Tecnica ZE-105-CHP icon pdf 25x25ZE-105-CHP Product Monograph ≈ 600Kb
icon pdf 25x25ZE-175-CHP Twin Product Monograph ≈ 600Kb

Product Flyers

4-page flyers with general data regarding a specific product.

Document Language Size
Depliant di prodotto ZE-50-ULH icon pdf 25x25Depliant ZE-50-ULH ≈ 0.8-3.3 Mb
Depliant di prodotto ZE-150-LT icon pdf 25x25Depliant ZE-150-LT ≈ 0.7-1.3 Mb

Contractual Documentation

Documentation related to contracts signed by Zuccato Energia, such as general sale conditions and maintenance technician hourly prices.
Please note that the documents published in this web page are for informational purposes only and as such they are not legally binding.

Document Language Size
Condizioni di fornitura icon pdf 25x25General Supply Terms and Conditions ≈200 Kb

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