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ULN-Series ORC Modules
Designed for a long life at sea


The ULN-Series low-temperature Organic Rankine Cycle modules by Zuccato Energia have been expressly designed for power generation from heat recovery in naval environments, where they can be factory-installed or retrofitted in place of one or more gensets. They are designed to run efficiently using low-temperature heat - the lowest of the whole Zuccato Energia range of ORC power generation modules - and make it possible to exploit heat recovered from sources that were until now considered unusable, such as the engine oil cooling circuit. Moreover, the low condensation temperatures made possible by the naval environment give them a very respectable efficiency rating for their power range.

Technical Specifications

General Specifications
Model ZE-200-ULN ZE-250-ULN ZE-300-ULN
Thermal power input 2273 kWT 2810 kWT 3333 kWT
Electric power output 200 kWE 250 kWE 300 kWE
System efficiency 8,8 % 8.9 % 9.0 %
Vector fluid Hot water
Vector fluid input temperature ≥85 °C
Vector fluid output temperature 80°C
Vector fluid nominal flowrate 108.24 kg/s 133.81 kg/s 158.71 kg/s
Working fluid
Environment-friendly HFC mix
Skid Dimensions(L x W x H) 6.2m x 2.6m x 3.2m
Weight(inc,working fluid) n/a
Condensation Stage Specifications
Tipo Brazed plate, in AISI 316 s/s and 99.9% copper
Thermal power dissipation 2039 kWT 2518 kWT 2982 kWT
Cooling water input temperature 20 °C
Cooling water output temperature 25 °C
Cooling water nominal flowrate 97.42 Kg/s 120.29 Kg/s 142.48 Kg/s
Generator Specifications
Type Synchronous, permanent magnets, water cooled
Power output 200 kWE 250 kWE 300 kWE
Rotation speed 15 000 rpm (12...18 Krpm)
Output voltage 533 VAC
Required water cooling 5 kWT
Cooling water temperature < 40°C
Cooling water flowrate 10 l/min
Additional cooling (optional) Working fluid injection
Gastight up to PN 6 bar
Power Converter Specifications
Type IGBT, grid-synchronized, air cooled, equipped with braking chopper
Power output 200 kWE 250 kWE 300 kWE
Output voltage
400 V AC +5% tol.
Output frequency 50 Hz +0.5% tol.
Environment temperature <40 °C
Braking chopper Built-in, resistor-type
Turbine Specifications
Type Radial inflow single-stage turbine with fixed nozzles, directly coupled to generator
Working fluid input temperature 81.5 °C
Working fluid output temperature ∼60 °C
Stage pressure PS 4,42 bar (tested up to 10 bar)
Turbine body material
Machined, nickel-plated carbon steel
Impeller material Aluminium alloy
Speed control DC bus voltage feedback loop
Impeller seal Sealed labyrinth seal on impeller back
Generator seal Sealed axial labyrinth at generator interface (optional)
Environment seal Static seals and O-rings
Working Fluid Specifications
Working temperature range 60°C < T <165 °C
Condensation temperature ≤ 33 °C
Operating pressure ≤ 20 bar
Toxicity Non-toxic
Biodegradability 100%
Impact on ozone layer None (ozone-friendly)

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