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Manager:  Nolotecnica Srl • Location: Laives (Bolzano / Bozen, South Tyrol, Italy)
Plant: 1 x ZE-50-ULH Low-Temperature Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Module, nominal output 50 kWe
Application: Heat recovery from engines (vegetable oil - fueled genset)

Mappa di Laives (BZ)Nolotecnica is a specialty vehicle rental agency located in Laives (near Bolzano/Bozen) which has installed a micro thermolectric power plant on its premises to take advantage of incentives the Italian government offers for newly-built power generation plants fueled by biomass or renewable sources.

In this particular case, the module supplied by Zuccato Energia is a ZE-50-ULH ORC module, having a 50-kWe power output, which operates using waste heat recovered from the cooling jackets and exhaust gases of a 420-kWE MAN 420 model 2842 LE 211 genset fueled by vegetable oil. The addition of the ORC module increases overall productivity by more than 10%

The MAN 420 genswet is derived from a marine engine, optimized to burn biofuel (rapeseed oil) instead of the original heavy oil and connected to a generator to convert the developed mechanical energy into electricity. The rapeseed oil used comes from certified EU sources and is a sustainable and renewable energy source made very competitive for power production by state and regional incentive.

As all biomass-derived fuels, rapeseed oil has zero impact for what regards CO2 emission, as the CO2 released during combustion was the same CO2 captured by the plants during their growth. Furthermore, the residue from rapeseed pressing can be used as a healthy, high-protein foodstuff for cattle.

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The firmThe firm The control room. L to R: genset control, inverter and ORC control panelThe control room. L to R: genset control, inverter and ORC control panel The control room sen from insideThe control room sen from inside The ZE-50-ULH ORC module skid in placeThe ZE-50-ULH ORC module skid in place The vegetable oil reservoirs being installedThe vegetable oil reservoirs being installed

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