Fiscal Data

Fiscal Data

Firm Name : Zuccato Energia Srl
Legal Seat:

Via della Consortia 2

37127 Verona

Certified e-mail address :
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tax Code / VAT Number
Firm registry number (REA): VR - 0347467
Inscription number at the Chamber of Commerce in Verona
Social Capital:
Euro 10.000
The firm is NOT being liquidated
The firm does NOT have a sole shareholder
The firm is NOT controlled by any other firm

Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer
regarding site contents

All information contained in the website ("the Site") and related to it are purely informational.

Zuccato Energia has done all that's reasonably possible to make sure the information contained herein is precise, accurate and up-to-date; however, it does not give any warranty regarding the Site contents, including the adequacy of the products depicted for any specific purpose, nor will it be held liable for said contents, as they will have to be evaluated by the customer. Any information contained in the Site --including the files which may be downloaded from it -- may contain technical or typographical errors and are anyway to be considered as purely indicative and non-binding.

Zuccato Energia reserves all right to modify, amend, correct and enhance said information, as well as the products they refer to.  In particular, Zuccato Energia will not be held liable for any defect in the accuracy, completeness, adequacy or promptness of the information contained in this site, nor for any damage, consequential or not, to the IT equipment or any other property of the visitor of this site  consequential or not to the access, use or navigation on the Site.

Zuccato Energia reserves the right to suspend or cancel any and all Site functionality without warning, without any liability deriving from that.

The Site may contains links to third party sites, which we consider interesting for the visitor. Clicking on those links, you leave voluntarily the Site and enter a third-party site over which Zuccato Energia has no control whatsoever, so no warranty whatsoever can be given on their nature and content. The information contained in those sites is out of Zuccato Energia's control and Zuccato Energia shall not be held liable for it.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Pursuant to Italian legislative decree n.196 /2003

By contacting Zuccato Energia through the contact form displayed on this site, your data will be automatically inserted in our client relationship management system to make it possible to send you commercial communications related to the subjects you stated to be interested in.

  • The personal data collected through the form will be used to send you commercial communications from Zuccato Energia, to the e-mail address you specified.
  • All collected data may be treated, in aggregated form, also for statistical purposes.
  • Conferring data is optional, but not conferring them will make it impossible for us to reply to your requests.Data is managed through an IT system. 
  • The collected data won't be published, communicated  or sold to any third party. 
  • Management of the gathered data will follow the dispositions of  Italian Legislative Decree n°196 of June,30, 2003, (Italian privacy law) and as such will be treated by Zuccato Energia in the full respect of the client's rights, fundamental freedom, dignity, privacy and personal identity, as stated in article 10 and 13 of the above mentioned Decree (regarding respectively how to manage the data and how said data can be deleted) .
  • Titularity of data management is Zuccato Energia, via della Consortia 2, 37127 Verona - Italy. 
  • The person responsible for data treatment is Zuccato Energia's CEO, Mr. Alessandro Zuccato.
  • You have all the rigths set forth in the aforementioned Decree: in particular, if you want to receive no more communications from us, send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with subject “Cancellatemi” (delete me).

Taking into consideration all of the above, please note that by clicking the Send button in the contact form you give your implicit consent to the above mentioned data collection and treatment.

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy
Pursuant to EU directive 2002/58/CE

By visiting the site, as well as most other sites, some "cookies" may be placed in your device (PC/tablet/Mobile). The so-called "cookies" are very small text files, little notes left by our site. Some of them have the purpose of making your navigation of our site more efficient - e.g. by avoiding to show you a query you already responded to, or suggesting previously used data when compiling a form. Others may be used internally by the engine that runs our site to show you the information you requested. Others again may be used for site performance and functionality evaluation. All cookies have an expiration date, after which they are automatically deleted.
The cookies set by our site are scheduled for automatical deletion as soon as you close the browser, but some others may last longer.
The cookies set by our site do not gather any information which may be used for marketing purposes, nor for client identification purposes, neither to identify any other site you may have visited.
To evaluate performance and enhance functionality Zuccato Energia may use the Google Analytics service to analyze how the site is used and how much. This service uses cookies. Information gathered using those cookies is sent by Google to its servers in the USA, where they are accessible to Zuccato Energia only in aggregate form. This does not infringe your privacy in any way, as long as you are browsing from within the EU, as Google is forced by EU law to censor those data - truncating the only data which may identify you, i.e. the IP address - before sending the data to their server. Google Analitics cookies expire after two years, if you do not delete them before. To know more about Google's privacy policy and how to opt-out from their analyses, check  these pages .
The Zuccato Energia site does not host any ads, and so no third-party cookies are set on your device, except eventually for those by Google Analytics mentioned above.
Please keep in mind that it is also possible to set any modern browser so that it does not accept cookies, and also that it is possible to delete all those already set. To know more on how to do it , check this site  or this other site .
If you decide not to accept cookies, you can browse our site anyway; however, as the site won't be able to "remember you" (even if only for a moment) we cannot guarantee you a smooth experience - some messages may be shown twice or some slideshows may malfunction, for example.

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