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The CHP-Series Organic Rankine Cycle modules by Zuccato Energia are highly versatile combined heat & power generation systems that may be used both in full-CHP operational mode, producing 80°C hot water as well as electricity, to be switched in a few minutes to full-power mode whenever hot water is not needed,  obtaining maximum efficiency and electrical power output. This makes them ideal in all those situations where a hot water source is needed and makes them eligible for state incentives for cogeneration plants.

Technical Specifications

ZE-175-CHP Technical Specifications

General Specifications Standard Mode
CHP Mode
Thermal Power Input 1280 kWT 
Gross Power Output 175 kWE 105 kWE
System Efficiency 13,60% 8.20 %
Vector Fluid
Overheated Water
Vector Fluid Input Temperature
≥165 °C 
Vector Fluid Output Temperature 140°C 
Nominal Vector Fluid Input Flowrate 14,85 kg/s 
Working Fluid
Environment-friendly, non-flammable HFC mix 
Skid Size (L x W x H) 4.95m x 2,15m x 2,80m 
Weight (incl. working fluid) ~ 8000 Kg 
Condenser Specifications
Type Brazed plates, in AISI 316 s/s and 99,9% copper 
Thermal Power Dissipation 1075 kWT 1157 kWT
Input Water Temperature 26 °C 60°C
Output Water Temperature 36 °C 80°C
Water Circuit Flowrate 25,69 kg/s 13,82 Kg/s
Turbine Specifications
Type Radial, fixed nozzles, directly coupled to generator
Working Fluid Input Temperature 145 °C 
Working Fluid Output Temperature ∼ 100 °C 
Stage Pressure PS 16 bar (tested up to 24 bar) 
Turbine Body Material corpo turbina
Welded Steel
Impeller Material Aluminium Alloy
Speed Control DC Bus Voltage
Impeller Seal Girante Labyrinth Seal on Impeller Back
Generator Seal Axial Labyrinth Seal at Generator Interface (opt.) 
Environment Seal Static Seals and O-rings
Working Fluid Specifications
Working Temperature T <190 °C 
Condensation Temperature ≤ 33 °C 
Operational Pressure ≤ 20 bar 
Toxicity Non-toxic
Biodegradability 100% 
Impact on Ozone Layer None ("ozone friendly") 



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ULH+ Spec Sheet

ZE-175-CHP Tech Datasheet
English Language
PDF format, ≈1.4 Mb

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