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Designed using the most advanced technologies, the ULH-Series energy production modules by Zuccato Energia are a compact, high-performance solution to exploit low temperature heat sources. Available in a range of power outputs from 30 a 50 kWE, they find their optimal application in fields such as  heat recovery from engines, gasifiers and other industrial processes, as well as a primary power generation system in the exploitation of geothermal heat and concentration-type thermal solar systems.

Technical Specifications Tecniche

Technical Specifications

General Specifications ZE-30-ULH ZE-40-ULH ZE-50-ULH
Thermal Power Input 350kWT 450kWT 550 kWT
Electric Power Output 30 kWE 40 kWE 50 kWE
System Efficiency 8,5 % 8.9 % 9.6 %
Vector Fluid
Hot Water
Vector Fluid Input Temperature
≥94 °C
Vector Fluid Output Temperature 86°C
Nominal Vector Fluid Input Flowrate 10,2 kg/s 13,40 kg/s 14.93 kg/s
Working Fluid
  Environment-friendly, non-flammable HFC mix
Skid Dimensions (L x W x H)  3.8m x 1.2m x 2.25m
Weight (incl. working fluid) ~ 3100 Kg
Condenser Specifications
Type Brazed plate, in AISI 316 s/s and 99,9% copper
Dissipated Thermal Power
310 kWT  390 kWT 470 kWT
Input Water Temperature
 26 °C
Output Water Temperature  31 °C
Circuit Flow Rate 14.81 Kg/s 18.65 Kg/s 22.46 Kg/s
Generator Specifications
Type Synchronous, permanent magnet, water cooled
Power Output 30 kWE 40 kWE 50 kWE
Rotational Speed 15 000 rpm (12...18 Krpm)
Output Voltage 533 VAC  
Required Water Cooling  5 kWT
Cooling Water Temperature < 40°C  
Cooling Water Flow Rate 10l/min
Additional Cooling (opt.) Working fluid injection 
Gas tight up to PN 6 bar
Inverter Specifications
Type IGBT, mains-synchronized, air cooled, complete with braking chopper.
Power Output 30 kWE 40 kWE 50 kWE
Output Voltage
400 V AC +5% tol.
Output Frequency 50 Hz +0.5% tol.
Environment Temperature <40 °C
Braking Chopper Built-in, on resistors
Turbine Specifications
Type Radial, fixed nozzles, directly coupled to generator
Working Fluid Input Temperature 85°C
Working Fluid Output Temperature ∼ 60 °C
Stage Pressure PS 4,42 bar (tested up to 10 bar)
Turbine Body Material
Welded Steel
Impeller Material Aluminium Alloy
Speed Control DC Bus Voltage
Impeller Seal Sealed labyrinth on impeller back
Generator Seal Sealed axial labyrinth on generator interface (opt.)
Environmental Seal Static seals and O-rings
Working Fluid Specifications
Working Temperature 60°C < T <165 °C
Condensation Temperature ≤ 33 °C
Operating Pressure ≤ 20 bar
Toxicity Non toxic
Biodegradability 100%
Impact on Ozone Layer None (ozone friendly)



Commercial brochures and technical datasheets are available for the ULH. You can download them from the links below or from our Documentation page.


Brochure Serie ULH

ULH Range Products Brochure
English Language
PDF Format PDF, ≈3.2 Mb



Scheda Tecnica ZE30

  ZE-30-ULH Tech Datasheet
English Language
PDF Format, ≈1.2 Mb



Scheda Tecnica ZE40

ZE-40-ULH Tech Datasheet
English Language
PDF Format, ≈1.2 Mb



Scheda Tecnica ZE50

ZE-50 ULH Tech Datasheet
English Language
  PDF Format, ≈1.2 Mb



The following are some "stand-alone" images of skids and their details.
If you want, you can find image galleries of complete, installed plants in our References section.


50ULH-lato-monitor 720x405

Above: The ZE-50-ULH Power Generation Module  on its skid, seen from the control panel side.
The cabinet beside the control panel contains the inverters and the mains interface panel.

50ULH-lato-flange 720x405

Above: The ZE-50-ULH power generation module seen from the side of the thermal connections.
The module is shipped ready to interface with the heat source via a hot water loop (T≥93°C) .

  50ULH-touchscreen 720x405

Above: The ULH-50 touch-screen control panel,  an industrial system custom designed by Intercomp for
Zuccato Energia, equipped with an user-friendly GUI which is easily updated. 

50ULH-turbina-trequarti 720x405
Above: The heart of the power generation module , the custom-designed 50-kWe turbogenerator we developed and built.

50ULH-antenna 296x405                    50ULH-scambiatori 332x405

Top, left: The GPRS/EDGE antenna which allows the skid to interface with the Internet through the mobile network for remote monitoring and control.

Top, right : The custom-designed heat exchangers in stainless steel and pure copper which give a significant contribution to its optimal performances

We did our best to make sure that these data are correct and up-to-date; however, they must be considered as purely indicative, non-binding and subject to change without notice.

This project received financing from the European Regional Development Fund - POR Veneto

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